Southern Rider Training


1 We cannot be responsible for any damage, injury or loss, however caused, to a trainee or their property. We also cannot be responsible for any cancellation or alteration of tests by the Department of Transport or for mechanical breakdown, inclement weather, or unscheduled staff absence.

2.If you fail your cbt there is a charge of £60 per day for bike hire, if you are using one of our bikes.

3. We must have 14 working days written notice if you wish to cancel your course. If 14 days written notice is not given the full balance will be due. However, if the cancellation is due to unforeseen circumstances such as illness or bereavement, we will hold any monies paid and rebook at your earliest convenience. (Please note that a medical certificate will be required as confirmation of illness). Deposits are non refundable unless your licence is withdrawn by the Licencing Authority for medical reasons.

4. Please note that in the event of failing one of the motorcycle tests, you must book a retest within one calendar month. If you fail to do this you will be required to book and pay for further tuition. Your course must be completed within 3 months of starting, unless there is a medical reason that prevents this. A medical certificate will be required to verify illness. No refund of fees will be given if the course is not completed in time. A course once paid for [deposit, balance or full payment], must be started within 3 months of any payment made. No refund of fees paid will be given if the course is not started in time, and further fees will be due if you wish to book again.

5. If you over estimate your capabilities, or if at the end of your course you still require more training, we shall do our best to instruct you to the required standard, but if you have not attained the standard required to undergo the Motorcycle Test, no test fee refund will be given. If you fail your test your Instructor will inform you if free further tuition is required. Southern Rider Training reserves the right to withold the Company's vehicle for the driving test if it is felt that the Trainee has not reached the required standard to ride safely without instruction and no refund of the test fee will be available. Please also note that we reserve the right to curtail tuition if the trainee is unwilling to carry out instructions given by the Instructor or is felt to be a danger to himself/herself or other road users. The Instructors opinion is final in all matters.